Wind Echoing in My Being

(Naeane uneun balam)
South Korea 1997. Director: Jeon Soo-Il
Cast: Lee Choong-In, Cho Jae-Hyun, You Soon-Chul, Kim Myung-Jo, Kim Myung-Gon

VANCOUVER PREMIERE Jeon Soo-Il’s debut feature tackles themes of time and memory in three separate tales, two in colour and one in monochrome, and displays the director’s facility for visuals, actors, landscapes and atmosphere. In the first story, “Ask the Horse,” a small boy is sent to the nearest village in search of lost time after a thunderstorm stops all the clocks on a remote farm. “Wind Echoing in My Being” has a young man is preparing a book based on his dreams. Those dreams are rooted in his childhood memories, but a journey with his girlfriend to his hometown of Sokcho (Jeon’s hometown) on Korea’s east coast causes him to question the purpose and meaning of the project. In “Rest on the Road,” a 70-year-old man goes about his daily routine, dreams of death, and prepares to leave a posthumous trace of his existence. The film’s second, titular segment screened as a stand-alone 40-minute featurette in the Un Certain Regard section of Cannes in 1997; French critic Hubert Niogret of Positif praised it as “very composed . . . using perfecting the beauty of beauty black and white . . . [and] clearly influenced by European cinema as it flourished in the 1960s.” B&W and Colour, 35mm, in Korean with English subtitles. 103 mins.