The State of Things

(Der Stand der Dinge)
West Germany/Portugal/USA 1982. Dir: Wim Wenders. 121 min. DCP

NEW RESTORATION! ► A European auteur finds himself at odds with Hollywood sensibilities in Wenders’s sardonic, self-referential The State of Things, winner of the 1982 Golden Lion at Venice. In Portugal, a prominent German director is shooting his first American movie, a low-budget, post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic, when the production runs out of film stock and money. After days of idleness, the desperate director sets out for Hollywood in search of the film’s missing producer. The State of Things was made during a break in the shooting of Hammett, Wenders’s U.S. debut, and is considered a film à clef account of Wenders’s troubles with Francis Ford Coppola and Hollywood during that fraught production. Samuel Fuller, Roger Corman, and Warhol superstar Viva have prominent supporting roles. French master Henri Alekan (Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast, Wenders’s Wings of Desire) was lead cinematographer of this beautiful black-and-white work.




"There have been many great films by directors about their craft ... The State of Things is that rare 'little picture' that truly tells it like it really is."

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