Visible Verse 2012 Festival

Curated & Hosted by Heather Haley

Visible Verse, Pacific Cinémathèque’s annual festival of video poetry, moves this year from its customary November spot to a new, post-VIFF October date and goes really, really global! Vancouver poet, author, musician, and media artist Heather Haley curates and hosts our celebration of this hybrid creative form, which integrates verse with media-art visuals produced by a camera or a computer. The 2012 festival will be selected from entries received from more than 50 international artists, who submitted nearly 100 video poems.  Submissions include works from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Russia, the U.S., and Canada. And, for the first time, we are exchanging video poems with Argentina’s VideoBardo Festival and featuring a selection from their 2012 program. As well, we are happy to host Alberta artist Phillip Jagger, who will perform his poetry and also present “Reigning In Chaos: Words Into Video,” a hands-on workshop demonstrating the use of handcrafted video, a Kaos pad, iPod, and video jamming software.

Video poetry and poetry film festivals and sites are now popping up all over the world; Pacific Cinémathèque’s Visible Verse Festival is proud to maintain its position as North America’s sustaining venue for artistically significant video poetry. As founder of both the original Vancouver Videopoem Festival and Visible Verse, Heather Haley has provided a platform for the genre since 1999, and has also vigorously contributed to the theoretical knowledge of the form. Ms. Haley was recently honoured for her work with a 2012 Pandora’s Literary Award. She has also been invited to present a keynote address, on the subject “Videopoetry: New Perspectives on an Interdisciplinary Practice,” at the 4th VideoBardo Festival in Buenos Aires in November.



4 - 6pm

Alberta artist Phillip Jagger, AKA Satoreye Dreamtime, will perform his poetry and present "Reigning In Chaos: Words Into Video", a hands-on workshop demonstrating the use of handcrafted video, the Kaos pad, iPod and video jamming software.

Free admission.




Profile | R.W. Perkins/USA 2012. DVD, 3 mins.
The Lammas Hireling | Paul Casey/Ireland 2010. DVD, 9 mins.
Whoever You Are | Machine Libertine/Russia 2012 . DVD, 6 mins.
Song for Elliott Jacques | Tommy Becker/USA 2012. DVD, 3 mins.
Portrait of a Listener | Sonority Turner/UK 2012. DVD, 2 mins.
Sky Canoe | Al Rempel, Phil Morrison, Steph St. Laurent, Jeremy Stewart/Canada 2012. DVD, 3 mins.
Road Not Taken | Swoon Bildos/Belgium 2012. DVD, 3 mins. 
Inverting the Deer | Gary Barwin/Canada 2012. DVD, 3 mins. 
Inner Shrine | Jing Zhou/USA 2011. DVD, 3 mins. 
Cioran | Swoon Bildos/Belgium 2012. DVD, 3 mins. 
Right Side Up | Ian Keteku/Canada 2012. DVD, 4 mins. 
Song for Disobedient Youth | Tommy Becker/USA 2011. DVD, 3 mins.
Mr. Lucky’s Jackpot | Martha Mccollough/USA 2012. DVD, 1 min.
Speleology | Duriel Harris, Scott Rankin/USA 2011. DVD, 9 mins.
Dear Pluto | Joanna Priestly, Taylor Mali/USA 2012. DVD, 4 mins.


Part II
Just Don’t Not Do it | Machine Libertine, John Giorno/Russia 2011. DVD, 1 min.
Flowers | Tim Cumming/Australia 2011. DVD, 8 mins.
The Junicho Video Renku Series-#2 | Eve Luckring/USA 2011. DVD, 2 mins.
Make Me A Doorway | Jesse Russell Brooks/USA 2012. DVD, 4 mins.
First Death in Nova Scotia | John D. Scott, Elizabeth Bishop/USA 2012. DVD, 6 mins.
Norandgsdalen | Kristian Pedersen/Norway 2010. DVD, 2 mins.
Whore In The Eddy | Visible Verse Productions/Canada 2012. DVD, 5 mins.
Saltwater | Glenn-emlyn Richards/France 2011. DVD, 2 mins.
Viva Zombatista | Kristian Pedersen/Norway 2010. DVD, 2 mins.
Everywhere and Inside | Mia Degner/Denmark 2008. DVD, 5 mins.
Bonfire | Daniel Mark Patterson/Canada 2011. DVD, 2 mins.
Everybody | Dennis E. Bolen, Tara Flynn/Canada 2012. DVD, 2 mins.
Pez | Eduardo Romaguera/Spain. DVD, 2 mins. *Selection from VideoBardo Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
little black strap | Pam Bentley, George Bowering/Canada 2012. DVD, 2 mins.
Statzen Of The Lost | Phillip A Jagger/Canada 2012. DVD, 5 mins.
Omelet | Fiona Tinwei Lam/Canada 2012. DVD, 2 mins.
Seldomly Transgender Anymore | Josie Boyce(nee Joe Boyce Burgess)/Canada 2011. DVD, 2 mins.
Terrorsounds | Jakob Kirchheim, Teresa Delgado/Germany. DVD, 6 mins. *Selection from VideoBardo Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Evolution of Love | Jeremy Loveday, Elliott Hearte/Canada 2012. DVD, 4 mins.
Colours of Bullshit | Robert Priest/Canada 2000. DVD, 3 mins.
Chanson d’automne | Rachel Laine/Canada 2011. DVD, 1 min. 
My Daddy Loves Me | Habib Asfar, Julien Phillipe/ Pakistan 2012. DVD, 5 mins.
Odds and Ends | Swoon Bildos/Belgium 2012. DVD, 3 mins.

Total Approximate Running time: 2 hrs 28 mins.


Heather Haley is a Vancouver poet, author, musician, and artist who pushes boundaries by creating across disciplines, genres, and media. She is author of the poetry collections Sideways (2003) and Three Blocks West of Wonderland (2009); director of the video poems Dying for the Pleasure (2003), Purple Lipstick (2006), Bushwhack (2010) and Whore in the Eddy (2012); and as a musical artist has released a CD of spoken-word songs, Princess Nut (2008). Her poetry has been published in numerous journals and anthologies, her video poems screened at many international film festivals, and she has performed her poetry and music around the world.

Admission to the 4pm workshop with Phillip Jagger is free. Tickets available at the door.