Visible Verse 2014 Festival

Curated & Hosted by Heather Haley

Visible Verse is The Cinematheque’s annual festival of video poetry, the hybrid creative form that marries verse with media-art visuals produced by a camera or a computer. Local poet, author, musician, and media artist Heather Haley has curated and hosted this celebration since it was first presented at The Cinematheque in 2000 (when the event was known as the Vancouver Videopoem Festival). The 2014 festival will be selected from more than 400 submissions received from local, national, and international artists.

The popularity of video poetry has continued to grow. Video poetry and poetry film festivals and sites are popping up all over the world. The Cinematheque’s Visible Verse Festival helped pioneer the form and, we are proud to say, is still North America's sustaining venue for artistically significant video poetry. For her work in championing the genre, Ms. Haley was honoured with a 2012 Pandora’s Literary Award.

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The Siren of Howe Sound, poet, author, musician, and media artist Heather Haley pushes boundaries by creatively integrating disciplines, genres, and media. Her writing has been published in many journals and anthologies and she is the author of the poetry collections Sideways and Three Blocks West of Wonderland and a debut novel, The Town Slut’s Daughter. Ms. Haley has directed numerous videopoems, which have been official selections at dozens of international film festivals, and she has toured Canada, the U.S., and Europe in support of two critically acclaimed AURAL Heather CDs of spoken word songs, Princess Nut and Surfing Season.



On a Prophet | David Richardson/Kathleen Roberts. Spencer, Indiana 2014.
Indefinite Animals | Martha McCollough. Boston, MA 2014.
In The Turning | Sarah Tremlett. Bath, England 2014.
Genocide Is My Man United | Kevin Barrington. Dublin, Ireland 2014
Proxy Bounce | Ian Keteku. Toronto, ON 2014
Out of the Forest-Sleight of Tree | J.P. Sipilä. Helsinki, Finland 2014.
words/birds | vvitalny. Brooklyn, NY 2012.
PROEM to Brooklyn Bridge | Suzie Hanna/Hart Crane. Norwich, UK 2013.
Again and Again | Igor Andreevski. Amsterdam, Netherlands 2014.
1962 | Diana Taylor/Robin Kidson. Bristol, UK 2013
The Killing | Swoon/Howie Good. Mechelen, Belgium 2013.
Je tombe | Svitlana Reinish/Elena Semak. Kiev, Ukraine 2014.
Penelopiad | Jade Anouka. London, UK 2012.
In Hell | Michael Murnau. London, UK 2012.
Ella (Her) | Javier Reta. Madrid, Spain 2013.
If I Can Sing a Song about Ligatures | Abigail Child. New York, NY 2009.
What The Flute Wants to Sing | Karin Hazé/Aura Canela/Moe Clark. Haida Gwaii, BC 2014.
Reservation | Kevin Barrington. Dublin, Ireland 2014.
The Elephant is Contagious | Simon O'Neill/Eabha Rose. Dublin, Ireland 2014.


Back to You | Karen Mary Berr. Paris, France 2013.
Keepsake | Elizabeth Johnston. Montreal, QC 2013.
Equus Caballus | H. Paul Moon/Joel Nelson. Elko, Nevada 2013.
Embroidered | Andy Bonjour. Steubenville, Ohio 2014.
Babel Death Star | Jeff Cruz/Kirk Ramdath. Calgary, AB 2014.
Kenneth Patchen | J.R. Phillips. Los Angeles, CA 2009.
WALLS | Walter Forsyth/Andrath Whynacht. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 2013.
Florid Psychosis | Othniel Smith/Bill Yarro. Cardiff, Wales 2013.
My Dolls | Pete Burkeet/Melissa Barrett. Columbus, Ohio 2014.
Aylool MacKenzie’s Convenient Skytrain Deppaneur | Tom Wiebe/Lyle Neff. Vancouver, BC 2014.
My Country | Jelena Sinik/Ralph Stevenson. Maroubra, Australia 2014.
AmericaSophie LeNeveu/Allen Ginsberg. Jupiter, FL 2012.
Late | Keith Sargeant. London, UK 2014.
Prism | Jamey Hastings/Price Strobridge. Colorado Springs, CO 2013.
Tasting the End | Dean Pasch. Munich, Germany 2014.
Deathless Man | Lena Samoylenko. Kiev, Ukraine 2014.
Some Trees | Kurtis Hough/John Ashberry. Portland, OR 2014.
Marianne | Richard O’ Connor. New York, NY 2014.