On Screen

Underground | No One Famous/Blair Dykes Vancouver, BC, 2011
Language of Desire | Kathryn MacLean Edmonton, AB, 2013
When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl | Jim Haverkamp Durham, NC, 2012
Lapis and Centaurs | Frank Müller Hamburg, Germany, 2013
Something | Keith Sargeant/Charles Bukowski poem, London, UK, 2012
Day Is Done | Swoon Bildos, Mechelen, Belgium, 2012
Textual Assault Placards | Wally Keeler Cobourg, ON, 2012
Last Words of the Condemned | Diane Arterian Los Angeles, CA, 2013
'1-poem-6' | Pablo Lopez Jordan/Vangelis Skouras London, UK & Murcia, Spain
Like So | Alan David Pritchard, Isle of Wight, UK, 2011
I thought I was more memorable | James O Leary, Cork, Ireland, 2013
Camel | Matt Robertson, Vancouver, BC, 2013
Suburban Sylph of Crying Owls | Gavin Jones, North Yorkshire, UK, 2013
PDA | Kal Estrel, Kingston, UK, 2012
Onion of Love | Kirk Ramdath, Calgary, AB
Covered In Grass | Aaron Samuels, Cranston, Rhode Island
expect something and nothing at once | Michelle Elrick, Winnipeg, MN
Morning Sex & Blueberry Pancakes | R.W. Perkins Fort Collins, Colorado


On Meeting A Fox | Janette Ayachi, Edinburgh, Scotland
Full English | Christopher Stewart, Middlesbrough, UK
Not Death but Love: Tracing the Heart of Elizabeth Barrett Browning | Gerard Wozek/Mary Russell, Chicago, IL
With Only My Hands | Sergej Bezuglov/ Zakaryia Amatoya/Cece Nobre, Bangkok, Thailand
Crow Morphologies | Tara Flyn/Daniela Elza/Soressa Gardner Vancouver, BC, 2013
Through The Eyes of the Wind | Adam Jacobs/Forrest Casey, Golden Valley, MN 2012
Futures of the Past | Ray Hsu/Michael Park/Chloe Chan  Vancouver, BC 2013
To This Day | Shane Koyzan Pentiction, BC, 2013
Requiem for Lithium | Jason Staggie Capetown, South Africa, 2012
Small Talk & Little Else | R.W. Perkins Fort Collins, Colorado 2013
Thief Behind The Mask | CR Avery Vancouver, BC 2013
Love Gang | Tara Evonne Trudell Las Vegas, NM
The Poet Is Artificially Removed | Jordan Abel Vancouver, BC
I Love The Internet | Kevin Barrington Dublin, Ireland
Rhythm of Structure | John Sims New York, NY
Appraisal | Melissa Diem, Dublin, Ireland, 2013
From Within | Alexandre Braga Lisbon, Portugal
Orange | Taien Ng-Chan Montreal, QC, 2005
Innisfree | Don Carey (based on the WB Yeats poem), Dublin, Ireland, 2013