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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

USA/France 1992. Dir: David Lynch. 135 min. 35mm

“The director’s cruellest film since Eraserhead ... A genuinely disturbing, genuinely frightening descent into Hell.”

35mm PRINT! ► David Lynch’s much-maligned feature-length prequel to his and Mark Frost’s seminal ’90s television series can claim one of the greatest critical about-faces in recent years. Savaged by reviewers upon release — “It’s not the worst movie ever made; it just seems to be,” snarked Vincent Canby — Fire Walk with Me is now considered to be one of Lynch’s canonical films, maybe even his magnum opus! In retrospect, the hostility can be appreciated: returning to a cast of curio characters left dangling after a WTF series finale, Lynch opted to backtrack then retread what was already solved in the show’s “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” arc, swapping outré humour and soap-opera camp with gutting brutality and adult content. A death-march depiction of the final days in the life of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee, in a tour-de-force turn), FWwM is Lynch’s brilliant, sobering reminder that, beneath its amusingly off-kilter veneer, Twin Peaks was a show about a teenage daughter’s incestuous rape and murder. “A classic example of how the critics get it wrong … It’s such a masterpiece” (James Gray).

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