The Quay Brothers in 35mm – Curated by Christopher Nolan

Great Britain/USA. Dirs: Stephen and Timothy Quay, Christopher Nolan. 67 min. 35mm

“To enter the impossible, haunted night of a Quay Brothers film is to become complicit in one of the most perverse and obsessive acts of cinema.”

NEW 35mm PRINTS! ► Mega-blockbuster director Christopher Nolan shines a spotlight on two Dark Knights and fellow visionaries who toil at the opposite end of the moviemaking spectrum: the independent animators Timothy and Stephen Quay, U.S.-born, U.K.-based identical twins whose nightmarishly surreal, Eastern European-influenced stop-motion films are among the most vital, original, and eerily beautiful in contemporary animation. Curated by Nolan himself, and including his new short film Quay (2015, 8 min), a portrait of the brothers and their methods, this special program showcases three Quay masterworks: In Absentia (2000, 20 min.), an unnerving rendering of the mindscape of a letter-writing madwoman, scored by famed composer Karlheinz Stockhausen; The Comb (1991, 18 min.), inspired by Swiss writer Robert Walser, a mesmerizing visualization of the subconscious as a labyrinthine playhouse haunted by a doll-like explorer; and the supremely creepy Street of Crocodiles (1986, 21 min.), the Quays’ crowning achievement, an adaptation of Polish surrealist Bruno Schulz. “A dazzling collection ... If you thought Inception and Interstellar were tricky, just wait” (Indiewire).

Screening order: In Absentia, Quay, The Comb, and Street of Crocodiles



"One of Christopher Nolan’s greatest accomplishments ... Nolan has done a major miracle for cinephiles with this miraculous program."

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