Warclouds in the Pacific

Canada 1941. Dir: Stuart Legg. 20 min. DCP

INTRODUCED BY CURATOR HARRY KILLAS! ► Lorne Greene narrates this 1941 Oscar-nominated documentary short, produced by the National Film Board as part of “Canada Carries On,” a series of morale-boosting wartime propaganda films. Examining the rise of industrialized Japan in the 20th century, the film warns of an imminent Japanese attack and was released just one week before Pearl Harbor. Clips from the film were incorporated into Colin Browne’s 1986 documentary The Image Before Us, where the images of fear and war were contrasted with the reality of Canada’s wartime treatment of Japanese-Canadians.


Immigrant Impressions
Canada 1965. Dir: Jim Carney. 50 min. DCP

An impressionistic take on the differing reactions of immigrants to the city-in-transition Vancouver of the mid-1960s. Made for CBC Television’s Camera West, a Vancouver-produced series of documentaries, this is a great chance to see the Vancouver of 50 years ago — when high rises in the West End were the latest thing!


Canada 1986. Dir: Bruno Lazaro Pacheco. 28 min. 16mm

The history of Vancouver's Cambie (aka Connaught) Bridge is revealed through the explorations and memories of a semi-fictional young man. Produced by Vancouver’s Cineworks film co-op, Swingspan is a lovingly-shot eulogy for the old bridge and an opportunity to see moving images of the industrial zones of False Creek and Yaletown on the eve of Expo 86. In memory of Gary Young, whose idea it was to make the film.