The Cinematheque Archive Day


The Cinematheque does more than just screen great works of cinema. As part of our mission to advance the understanding and appreciation of cinema as an important art form with a rich history, we offer a range of cultural and educational programs, services, and resources — including the maintenance of a moving-image archive housing more than 2000 film prints, in 16mm and 35mm formats, the vast majority of them works by B.C. and other Canadian filmmakers!

Join us on Saturday, June 4 for our free Archive Day, a celebration of all things film. Enjoy a complimentary bag of the city’s best popcorn as you experience unique 16mm films from our archive collections. Participate in a film activity with our Education Department. Learn more about film and the efforts to preserve these fragile artifacts. Get up close and personal with the medium of motion-picture film as we bring The Cinematheque Film Archive out from behind its closed stacks!

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12:00 pm: Screening
Introduced by Cinematheque Executive + Artistic Director Jim Sinclair

Preserving the precious heritage of independent filmmaking on Canada's west coast, our archive collection includes more than 200 significant B.C. films dating from 1968 to 1978 — the first major wave of independent and avant-garde filmmaking in the province. This shorts program will showcase films from our West Coast Film Collection, featuring works by local film notables Al Razutis, David Rimmer, Sturla Gunnarsson, Peter Lipskis, and others. We'll also be sharing some obscure archival buried treasures! You’re sure to get your fix of original experimental celluloid, all on 16mm film.

98.3 KHz (Bridge at Eletrical Storm) | Al Razutis/Canada 1973. 16mm
Processed Gello | Peter Lipskis/Canada 1977. 16mm
A Day Much Like the Others | Sturla Gunnarsson/Canada 1977
Square Inch Field | David Rimmer/Canada 1968. 16mm
Limited Engagement | Tom Braidwood/Canada 1976. 16mm
Trapline | Ellie Epp/Canada 1976

1:00 pm

Get up close and personal with films from our archive; try your hand at 16mm scratch animation with our Education Department: and learn to project film!

1:30 pm: Screening

The National Film Board of Canada is a true Canadian treasure. The Cinematheque Film Archive proudly houses more than 1000 films donated by the NFB. This shorts program will feature some of our favourites from that collection, including celebrated animations from Norman McLaren and Ryan Larkin and classic documentaries from Colin Low and Budge Crawley. Bring the whole family and relive these award-winning greats from of Canadian film history.

Hot Stuff | Zlatko Grgic/Canada 1971. 16mm
Corral | Colin Low/Canada 1954. 16mm
Neighbors | Norman McLaren/Canada 1952. 16mm
The Acadians | Crawley Films/Canada 1947. 16mm
Walking | Ryan Larkin/Canada 1968. 16mm

2:45 pm

Ever wonder why some old films appear a shade of red on screen? Or what causes those constant vertical lines on old home movies? The Cinematheque’s Film Archive Preservation Coordinator Jarin Schexnider will discuss film preservation and degradation, using excerpts from films held in the Cinematheque Archive. Cinephiles and casual film lovers alike will learn something new about the process of creating, maintaining, and preserving motion-picture film!

Dancers | Bryan Small/Canada 1973. 16mm
Bambi Meets Godzilla | Marv Newland/Canada 1969. 16mm
Marching the Colours | Guy Glover/Canada 1952. 16mm