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Dead Man

USA 1995. Dir: Jim Jarmusch. 120 min. 35mm

IMPORTED 35mm PRINT! ► Neil Young’s eerie, brooding electric-guitar score is among the many highlights of cult-favourite Jim Jarmusch’s visionary, deadpan Western, hailed by Greil Marcus as “the best movie of the end of the 20th century.” Johnny Depp is accountant William Blake, whose journey out west for a new job soon has him fleeing vicious bounty hunters - and embarking on a strange spiritual quest with a Native American named Nobody (Gary Farmer). The stellar cast includes Robert Mitchum, Crispin Glover, Steve Buscemi, and Iggy Pop. Young says he scored this supremely visually work — the cinematography is by Wim Wenders regular Robby Müller — as if composing accompaniment for a silent film. “The fulfilment of a cherished counterculture dream, the acid Western” (Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader). “This is the Western Andrei Tarkovsky always wanted to make” (J. Hoberman, Village Voice).



★★★★ "Jim Jarmusch's most stunning achievement."

Slant | full review

"A bizarre, funny, almost mystical take on the Western."

Time Out | full review

"Offers a sublime poetic experience like few others."

Senses of Cinema | full review