USSR 1979. Dir: Andrei Tarkovsky. 163 min. DCP

“Tarkovsky is for me the greatest, the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, as it captures life as a reflection, life as a dream.”

NEW RESTORATION! | Tarkovsky’s immersive, deeply mysterious masterpiece has been given a vivid new restoration! In a post-apocalyptic police state, two men, a writer and a scientist, engage the special skills of a Stalker to guide them through the forbidden Zone, a damp, fecund, overgrown wasteland where the rules of nature no longer apply. At the Zone’s centre is the Room, a place where the deepest desires of one’s heart are said to come true. Their extraordinary journey will test the limits of the way each of the three protagonists makes sense of the world; the film is distinguished by a remarkable sense of tactility, composed of stunning sepia images, and offers layer upon layer of meaning. Stalker is a haunting and unforgettable work from a visionary director whose too-few films are quite unlike anything else in cinema.



“Possibly Tarkovsky’s finest work ... Resembles The Wizard of Oz adapted by a disciple of Dostoevsky and Kafka.”

Guardian | full review

“Mesmerizing ... Not an easy film, but almost certainly a great one.”

Chicago Reader | full review