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Where Are Their Stories?

(¿Dónde están sus historias?)
Mexico/Canada 2007. Director: Nicolás Pereda
Cast: Gabino Rodríguez, Juana Rodríguez, Teresa Sánchez

Robert Bresson, the Dardenne brothers, and Thailand’s Apichatpong Weerasethakul have been cited as touchstones for Nicolás Pereda’s auspicious Where Are Their Stories?, “a bold, confident, and formally radical first feature that confirms Mexico’s position as a home to a major wave of talented young filmmakers” (Robert Koehler, Variety). “Pereda’s debut feature showcases his carefully restrained narrative and visual style with its meticulously understated story of a young man trying to prevent his uncles from selling his elderly grandmother’s farm. With Pereda’s regular actors Teresa Sánchez and Gabino Rodríguez making their first appearance in the mother and son roles they have played in four films to date, Where Are Their Stories? also introduces the theme of family which unites the films, here by revealing subtle, ironic parallels between the boy’s rural home and the relatively luxurious Mexico City home where his mother works as a live-in maid” (Harvard Film Archive). “Haunts the memory as a mesmerizing contemplation of family and Mexican life ... Completed as Pereda’s grad project at Toronto’s York University ... the film is a fine example of super-indie Latin American filmmaking combining aesthetic class with extremely limited resources” (Koehler). Colour, 35mm, in Spanish with English subtitles. 73 mins.


"A bold, confident and formally radical first feature that confirms Mexico's position as a home to a major wave of talented young filmmakers."

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