Narcissister Organ Player

USA 2018. Dir: Narcissister. 91 min. DCP

“A fascinating avant-garde home-movie documentary psychodrama... Narcissister is literally a one-woman head trip.”

“Beautifully heartfelt and poetic ... There are multitudes contained within the artist known as Narcissister and within her truly daring work.”

VANCOUVER PREMIERE! The masked and anonymous (and naked) performance artist Narcissister, based in Brooklyn, has become an art-world darling for daring, revealing, frequently visceral live shows exploring gender, race, eroticism, and the female body (and reproductive organs). Huffington Post dubbed her “a topless feminist superhero”; the New York Times described her work, which employs dance, pop music, wigs and costumes, elaborate props, humour, and shock value, as “avant-porn.” Narcissister debuts as a movie director with this personal documentary/performance film hybrid, crafting a smart, sassy, and moving self-portrait — complete with excerpts from America’s Got Talent and animated sequences — of her provocative art and the role her eccentric mother and biracial family played in shaping it. In keeping with the dynamic between exposure and concealment in Narcissister’s practice, even here, in this highly intimate, highly personal film, the enigmatic artist avoids being completely unmasked. Narcissister Organ Player was a sentimental favourite at 2018’s Sundance and SXSW festivals.



“What a thrilling, profound experience it is. Trust me: you’ve never seen anything like it.”

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