Montparnasse Bienvenue

(Jeune femme)
France 2017. Dir: Léonor Serraille. 97 min. DCP

“Tagged as the French Frances Ha ... A perfectly-formed, free-wheeling, surprise-laden killer-scripted-shot-and-acted debut.”

Caméra d’Or (Best First Feature), Cannes 2017

VANCOUVER PREMIERE! Léonor Serraille’s debut feature isn’t the first French film to follow a young woman lost in the city, flirting with madness after the end of a relationship. But it may well be the most surprising and most honest, snapping in and out of a keenly-observed comedic tone to reveal a more unvarnished portrait of a person in genuine distress. This non-conformist gem begins with thirtysomething Paula arriving back in Paris after ten years, dumped by her famous photographer boyfriend, and totally adrift. She’s also completely impulsive, with a chameleon-like ability to adapt as circumstances require. Through a series of random encounters and haphazard situations, a picture takes shape of a generation faced with an unprecedentedly precarious future. And yet one feels uplifted, in no small part due to Laetitia Dosch’s brave, deliciously unhinged performance as Paula.



“A memorable experience ... This first film by Léonor Serraille is full of snap and surprises ... A fearless, powerhouse performance by Laetitia Dosch infuses every frame.”

Screen Daily | full review

“Well-observed, incredibly rich ... It features young women in nearly every creative role and a blazing-wildfire performance by Laetitia Dosch.”

Variety | full review

This film also screens as part of April’s Young French Cinema program on Thursday, April 5 & Friday, April 6.