Let Him Be

Canada 2008. Director: Peter McNamee
Cast: Kathleen Munroe, Sean Clement, Mark Staycer, Graham Wignall, Heather Allin

EXCLUSIVE FIRST RUN  |  Remember "Paul is dead"? Pop music’s most famous conspiracy theory, widely circulated in its day, was a doozy: Paul McCartney "blew his mind out in a car" in 1966, was secretly replaced by a look-alike — and The Beatles, who obviously couldn’t keep a secret, began sprinkling their songs and album covers with hidden clues about the cover-up!  The "Mind Games" premise of the mockumentary drama Let Him Be, writer-director Peter McNamee’s debut feature, is another doozy: What if John Lennon isn’t dead? What if he somehow survived his assassination and is now secretly living in rural Ontario? Techno geek film student Tim becomes obsessed with this daft idea after finding a snippet of footage, of an aging guitarist with an uncanny resemblance to Lennon, in a second-hand video camera. Tim’s girlfriend Kathleen, also a film student, isn’t convinced, but agrees to accompany Tim on his quest for proof. Armed with cameras and surveillance equipment, the two set out, filming themselves vérité-style all the while. Both get more than they bargained for. And, y’know, that mystery man really does look an awful lot like..."All we are saying is give suspension of disbelief a chance" (Vancouver I.F.F.). Colour, Digibeta video. 82 mins.


"Quest for Lennon turns into absorbing thriller."

Toronto Star | full review

"Goo goo ga joob!"

Now Magazine | full review