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Komaneko: The Curious Cat

Japan 2006. Director: Tsuneo Goda

ALL AGES WELCOME | Fans of smart, family-friendly films such as Wallace and Gromit and the anime movies of Japan’s Studio Ghibli will adore this wistful and beautifully made film. Directed by Tsuneo Goda, creator of the amazing Domo series (seen on Nickelodeon), Komaneko is Japan’s first major stop-motion animation feature. You can’t go wrong with a stop-motion film about an adorable cat making her own stop-motion films! "A kitten who lives with her kindly grandfather, Koma spends her time making animated films with her beloved dolls and filming wildlife with her trusty old 8mm camera. In this series of five adventures, the plucky kitten manages to befriend everyone she meets and overlook any barrier between reality and her vivid imagination. Those who fall under her spell include nerdy kitten Radi-bo — a gadget-obsessed cat with a taste for trains and model airplanes — a ghost, and an irritable bird with no reservations concerning his personal hygiene. Throughout, Komaneko adapts and succeeds by using her creative skills. Clever enough to charm adults while providing laughs and incredible cuteness for children, Komaneko is a guaranteed family hit. Writer-director Goda manages to express maximum emotion with minimal effort, restricting dialogue to the occasional meow" (Travis Miles, Film Independent). Colour, 35mm, in Japanese with English subtitles. 60 mins.

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