Kibatsu Cinema: eccentricity, popular culture and contemporary Japanese film

THURSDAYS: JUNE 6, 13, 20 & 27

The Powell Street Festival Society and The Cinematheque are pleased to present the fifth edition of “Kibatsu Cinema,” a celebration of the odd and the eccentric in Japanese pop culture and contemporary Japanese film. Kibatsu is a Japanese word denoting a person or thing that is, by ordinary standards, unusual or unconventional. This year, Chris MaGee curates a series of quirky, smart, and stylish films that delve into and explore the world of anime, indie rock groupies, outsider art, iconoclast sound artists, and unconventional love stories.

“Kibatsu Cinema: eccentricity, popular culture and contemporary Japanese film” is a lead-up event to Vancouver’s 37th annual Powell Street Festival, a celebration of Japanese Canadian arts, culture, and heritage. Festival weekend is August 3-4, with other events beginning in May.

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Curated by Toronto-based writer and independent film curator Chris MaGee (founder of J-Film Pow-Wow blog and the co-founder and co-curator of Shinsedai Cinema Festival Toronto)

Special Thanks: Jim Sinclair and The Cinematheque staff; Haruhiko Daishima, Marty Gross, Matthew Hardstaff, Kasumi Hiraoka, Takashi Iitsuka, Keiko Kusakabe, Hidemasa Nagata, Kayoko Nakanishi, Chigumi Obayashi, Nobuhiko Obayashi, Miki Ohi, Chiaki Omori, Kiwamu Sato, Ann Tomoko Yamamoto; Canada Council for the Arts; Department of Canadian Heritage; the Province of British Columbia through Direct Access to Charitable Gaming; City of Vancouver through the Office of Cultural Affairs; Japan Foundation.


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Recent Showings

VANCOUVER PREMIERE! From cult director Nobuhiko Obayashi comes this humorous, heart-warming exploration of the stories of Nagaoka's 2011 earthquake and World War II bombing.
VANCOUVER PREMIERE! A lonely fisherman finds a chance at romance and fatherhood when he discovers a single mother and her young son hiding in his closet.
VANCOUVER PREMIERE! This beautifully-animated science fiction tale is set in a near-future Japan, where humans coexist with sophisticated androids.
CANADIAN PREMIERE! This documentary looks at what happened to Matsuo Ohno, the unsung hero behind the sounds of Astro Boy, one of Japan's most iconic characters.
VANCOUVER PREMIERE! Takayuki Yamada plays three characters in this stunning comedy: a man with a pot lid for a heart; a relationship counselor; and a questing samurai.
Two bold, colourful, and celebratory films take audiences on a journey into the playful world of present-day Japan.
VANCOUVER PREMIERE! Real-life rock band Shinsei Kamattechan forms the nucleus of this comedy/drama charting the rise of an indie band to major label success.
CANADIAN PREMIERE! This documentary features the work of four inspiring Japanese artists, who have each overcome mental illness and developmental challenges.