El Topo

(The Mole)
Mexico 1970. Dir: Alejandro Jodorowsky. 125 min. DCP

Jodorowsky’s legendary peyote western is the ultimate midnight-movie freak-out. The director himself plays titular El Topo (“The Mole”), the mysterious leather-clad gunslinger who rides into a corpse-strewn desert town and then — in sections titled Genesis, Prophets, Psalms, and Apocalypse — embarks on a quest for revenge and redemption. El Topo’s over-the-top mix of sex, violence, religious symbolism, and surreal imagery earned it a fanatical following (including the likes of John Lennon and George Harrison) back in the halcyon days of hallucinatory, hallucinogenic counterculture. One L.A. underground paper called it “the greatest film ever made”! A sequel starring Marilyn Manson was announced by Jodorowsky but never made.



"The film is by turns comic and profound, hysterical and pompous, fully complex enough to deserve more than a simple yea or nay."

Time Magazine | full review

"Violent, visionary, vital."

Empire | full review

"The director uses film as a direct pipe into his own mind, and the bursting valise of ideas, images, and sounds that results is a veritable blur of ridiculous and sublime."

Slant | full review

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