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Une femme est une femme

(A Woman is a Woman)
France 1961. Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Cast: Anna Karina, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean-Claude Brialy, Marie Dubois, Nicole Paquin

Godard's exuberant third feature was his first in colour and in CinemaScope, and, with the banning of Le petit soldat, the first Godard feature to be released after Breathless. Anna Karina — named Best Actress at Berlin for her performance — is Angela, the femme of the title, a nightclub stripper who wants to have a baby and settle down with lover Emile (Jean-Claude Brialy). When he refuses, she turns her attentions to romantic Alfred (Jean-Paul Belmondo), Emile's best friend. The film unfolds as a light-hearted, loving hommage to MGM musicals of the ’40s and ’50s, with a tip of the hat as well to Lubitsch's Design for Living. It also introduces to Godard’s work the theme of prostitution, which became central to his analyses of the social roles of women. Jeanne Moreau has a cameo as herself. “A kind of movie that nobody had seen before. The result is brash, defiant, gaudy, and infinitely fragile” (Tony Rayns, Time Out). "One of the few absolutely necessary films in Godard’s canon ... Altogether one of his most pleasing and vivacious films ... Godard’s purest celebration of both life and movies” (James Monaco). Colour, 35mm, in French with English subtitles. 84 mins.



"Godard's whimsical celebration of romance, sentiment, musical comedy, color film, the city of Paris and the abundant charms of Ms. Karina herself, who at the time was also Madame Godard."

New York Times | full review

"It's perhaps most memorable for being a highly personal 'documentary' about Karina and Godard's feelings about her at the time, brimming with odd details and irreverent energies."

Chicago Reader | full review