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Mise Éire

Ireland 1959. Dir: George Morrison. 88 min. DCP

“Produced by the pioneering Irish-language advocacy group Gael Linn, Mise Éire draws almost exclusively on contemporaneous newspapers, newsreels, and actuality footage from the early years of Ireland’s revolutionary period to present a history of that turbulence. The era under director George Morrison’s microscope is divided into three segments and spans from the late years of the nineteenth century through to the 1916 Rising and concluding with Sinn Fein’s electoral victory in 1918, a triumph that would be a precursor to revolution. The film’s approach to this history is avowedly patriotic, celebrating as heroes and martyrs those who involved themselves in the radical nationalist movement. The film is notable for the invaluable work of archival salvage undertaken by Morrison in identifying and preserving moving images in Irish and British collections to create this feature-length montage” (Irish Film Institute).


Please note: This clip is without subtitles. The feature-length film will be subtitled in English.