Ireland 2016: Centenary Film Programme

APRIL 22-30


6:00pm - Doors
7:00pm - Introduction by Brian McIlroy + “Newsreel & Actuality Programme: Ireland 1916-23” with Live Music from Jocelyn Pettit
8:15pm - Young Cassidy

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Co-presented by the Irish Film Institute, the Embassy of Ireland, and The Cinematheque

April 24 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the 1916 Easter Rising, also known as the Easter Rebellion, a crucial moment in the history of Ireland’s struggle for independence and the ultimate creation of a sovereign Irish state.

This special program, curated by the Irish Film Institute, features films by an array of prominent directors, including John Ford, David Lean, Neil Jordan, and Ken Loach. It reveals how the events of 1916-1923 and their aftermath have continued to capture the imagination of filmmakers, both Irish and foreign, who have created a substantial body of work from a range of perspectives.

Acknowledgements: The Cinematheque is grateful to the Embassy of Ireland (Ottawa) and the Irish Film Institute (Dublin) for their support of this exhibition.


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Recent Showings

This compilation programme is comprised of newsreel, actuality, and other silent footage.
The early years of Irish playwright and patriot Sean O’Casey are brought to life in this polished, intelligent, shot-in-Dublin screen drama.
David Lean directs this Madame Bovary-inspired drama set in a small Irish village during the 1916 Troubles.
Narrated by Michael Collins star Liam Neeson, this new documentary recounts Ireland’s historic Easter Rising.
Liam Neeson is Irish Republican hero Michael Collins in writer-director Neil Jordan’s ambitious, contentious, award-winning historical drama.
This feature-length montage compiles newspapers, newsreels, and actuality footage from Ireland’s revolutionary period.
Journalist Peter Lennon and cinematographer Raoul Coutard examine the state of the Republic of Ireland. Followed by a making-of documentary.
Hollywood heavyweight John Ford directs Barbara Stanwyck in this adaptation of a scandalous Sean O’Casey play.
Veteran left-wing director Ken Loach’s incendiary drama, set during and after Ireland’s War of Independence, won the Palme d’Or at Cannes.
The first Irish feature to be directed by a woman is a comedy set in 1945 where the erection of a statue creates problems in a small town.