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The Brood

Canada 1979. Dir: David Cronenberg. 92 min. 35mm

NEW 35mm PRINT! Cronenberg took a small step towards mainstream acceptance with The Brood, still one of his most personal works. Undergoing experimental psychotherapy after the failure of her marriage, a disturbed woman’s subconscious mind produces violent “psychoplasmic” children who avenge her feelings of anger. Described by Cronenberg as his version of Kramer vs. Kramer, and inspired by the painful end of his first marriage, The Brood was the director’s first film to feature established international actors (Oliver Reed, Samantha Eggar) and his first with composer Howard Shore, hereafter a regular. “The scariest, smartest, most original horror movie of the ’70s, and the richest emotionally” (David Chute, Film Comment).

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Canada 2000. Director: David Cronenberg. 6 min. 35mm

An aging actor (Les Carlson), about to appear in a film directed by children, ponders the relationship of cinema and death. Commissioned by TIFF for its 25th edition in 2000.



"Cronenberg’s helming is skillful enough to command attention."

Variety | full review

"Worth seeing for its latently political story and its gory special effects."

Time Out | full review