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Canada 1975. Dir: David Cronenberg. 87 min. DCP

NEW DIGITAL RESTORATION! Seeking to create “a combination of aphrodisiac and venereal disease that will hopefully turn the world into one beautiful, mindless orgy,” a misguided scientist unleashes a deadly parasite that transforms the residents of a Montreal apartment complex into sex-crazed homicidal maniacs! Also known as They Came from Within and The Parasite Murders, Cronenberg’s first commercial feature offers a sly, subversive, sensationalistic take on the sexual revolution. It was famously attacked — as “an atrocity” and a disgrace to taxpayers — by Robert Fulford in Saturday Night magazine, and was the subject of debate in Parliament. The brouhaha, said Cronenberg, made it harder to fund future projects — even though Shivers was the first profitable CFDC-financed feature!

Acknowledgements: A TIFF digital restoration in partnership with Technicolor Creative Services Toronto. Colour correction was supervised by David Cronenberg. Shivers courtesy of TIFF's Film Reference Library.



"The black humour and general inventiveness place it high above most contemporary horror pictures."

Time Out | full review

"A timeless take on sexual terror."

San Francisco Chronicle | full review