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Fast Company

Canada 1979. Dir: David Cronenberg. 91 min. 35mm

RARE CRONENBERG FEATURE! NEW 35mm PRINT! The anomaly in Cronenberg’s filmography is this razzmatazz-filled drag-racing drama, made between Rabid and The Brood, and shot in Edmonton. The plot has an ex-champion, on the comeback trail after an accident, locking horns with an up-and-coming rival and a villainous corporate sponsor. The cast includes character actor William Smith; B-movie queen Claudia Jennings (in her last role); Enter the Dragon’s John Saxon; and Nicholas Campbell (Da Vinci’s Inquest). The director, a known auto enthusiast, lavishes his love on cars here; still, despite the obsession with sex and fast machines on abundant display, it’d be a stretch to say that this colourful action movie is anything more than distant cousin to Cronenberg’s controversial 1996 feature Crash.

Acknowledgements: A TIFF restoration in partnership with Technicolor Creative Services Toronto. Fast Company courtesy of TIFF's Film Reference Library.



"Drag racing may seem an aberrant subject for the Carl Dreyer of Splatter, but the sport is the man's secret passion, and it shows."

Time Out | full review

"The film's cast of B-movie character actors turns in consistently strong, pulpy work."

Slant | full review