Film Noir 2014


The Cinematheque’s annual Film Noir summer season celebrates one of the American cinema’s richest and most creative periods in all its stylish, seductive, and cynical glories. During the month of August, a dozen dark, delirious gems from noir’s hard-boiled heyday (the early 1940s to the late 1950s) will raise Cain (James M. Cain, that is, represented by a trio of classic films), take rare noir forays in lurid colour (Niagara, House of Bamboo, and Leave Her to Heaven), and otherwise shock, awe, and entertain with the crime, corruption, cruelty, and chaos of the pitiless noir universe. Included are new restorations of three essential, definitive noirs: Double Indemnity, The Lady from Shanghai, and Gun Crazy. And, on the evening of Sunday, August 3, enjoy a special B.C. Day long-weekend noir triple bill of The Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity, and Mildred Pierce!


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Recent Showings

NEW RESTORATION! Billy Wilder’s superlative film, one of film noir’s defining works, screens here in a new 70th-anniversary restoration.
Humphrey Bogart, in his first top-billed role, establishes the now-legendary Bogie persona in John Huston's directorial debut, a watershed work of Classic Hollywood and film noir.
Joan Crawford gives an iconic (and Oscar-winning) performance in this top-notch mix of moody film noir and glossy woman’s picture, expertly directed by Michael Curtiz.
Director Robert Siodmak, one of noir’s great stylists and key talents, here marries his trademark studio Expressionism with the semi-documentary realism of many late-1940s noirs.
Kirk Douglas is in ferocious form — and has some of the best lines of his career — in this hard-boiled drama from Hollywood heavyweight William Wyler.
Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotton are a murderously mismatched couple vacationing in Niagara Falls in Henry Hathaway’s tawdry, tasty thriller, shot in lurid Technicolor.
NEW RESTORATION! Rita Hayworth is one of noir’s definitive spider ladies in Orson Welles's bizarre, baroque thriller, featuring one of the director's most celebrated sequences.
NEW RESTORATION! A much-loved film noir classic, Joseph H. Lewis's legendary B-movie is a manic tour-de-force of technique and deadly eroticism.
The first Hollywood feature shot on location in Japan was this pulp-fiction, no-holds-barred noir directed by the great Samuel Fuller.
Hollywood’s first version of James M. Cain’s oft-adapted novel ranks as one of the quintessential examples of amour fou turned murderous.
A Technicolor noir with the blackest of hearts, director John M. Stahl’s juicy, jaw-dropping melodrama stars Gene Tierney as a murderously bent, psycho-vixen.
This little-seen gem by B-movie auteur Joseph H. Lewis is a stylish noir about a Parisian detective on vacation in the French countryside who becomes entangled in a murder.