Program 2 - Imagination: Beautiful and Dangerous


In different ways, each of these films explores the power of the imagination, cinematic and otherwise, to reshape our world and even invent new ones.

Pub November | Shot in silent-era style, this film chronicles love, lust, romance, and heartbreak in a shabby pub. Agnieszka Osiecka/Poland 1960. 10 min.

Jump Cut | When one is a film editor, life can be constructed in a number of ways! Rumen Russev, Vassil Kotzev/Bulgaria 2017. 7 min.

The Burden | A deadpan meditation on how life, however lonely, can be imagined to be happy. Niki Lindroth Von Bahr/Sweden 2017. 14 min.

Seed of Hope | In the near future, on board a space mission representing humanity’s last stand, an astronaut discovers the reason behind his unexpected awakening from cryosleep. Gediminas Siaulys/Luxembourg 2017. 11 min.

Fongopolis | Getting to a music competition can sometimes lead to even more imaginative flights of musical fancy. Janna Kozuch/Slovakia 2014. 13 min.

Hungarian Rhapsody 2.0 | A colourful and global re-imagining of the famous composition by Franz Liszt. Szabó Maté/Hungary 2011. 4 min.

4:15 End of the World | A hitchhiker on a remote Romanian road has some important news about the fate of the world. He should know: he’s Jesus Christ. Or is he? Catalin Rotaru, Gabi Virginia Sarga/Romania 2016. 15 min.

Follower | A dark and unsettling and entirely plausible tale of the dangers of texting and other forms of social media. Creepy. Jonathan Behr/Germany 2018. 10 min.

Dans les bois | A cow accepts an invitation to dinner from a wolf. Trouble is, she’s what’s on the menu! Various directors/France 2018. 8 min.

Slope | A poetic, minimalist examination of memory and landscape. Eduardo Brito/Portugal 2016. 7 min.

Timecode | Two security guards discover that they share a rich, dancing imaginative life, despite being stuck looking at video surveillance screens in parking garage. Juanjo Giménez Peña/Spain 2016. 15 min.

Total program: 114 min.

Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 6:00pm on Friday, May 24. For more information, call 604.688.8202.