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Sunrise in Kimmeria

Cyprus 2018. Dir: Simon Farmakas. 100 min.

The idiosyncrasies of modern Cypriot society — the confused sense of cultural identity, the intractable political divisions — are winningly satirized in writer-director Simon Farmakas’s screwball comedy-drama, the veteran filmmaker’s first feature. Skevos (Athos Antoniou), the movie’s protagonist, is a naïve, mild-mannered villager in hock to the local loan shark. When an unidentified flying object tracked by a foreign intelligence agency crashes into Skevos’s potato field, inside the UN-controlled buffer zone separating Cyprus’s southern and northern regions, our hero sees an opportunity to escape indebtedness. But digging up the mysterious sphere will set off a chain of unexpected events. Sunrise in Kimmeria was named Best Cypriot Film at this year’s 16th Cyprus Film Days in Nicosia. In Greek with English subtitles.