Rusty Boys

Luxembourg 2017. Dir: Andy Bausch. 107 min. DCP

“When adult children insist on treating their parents like naughty toddlers, four gentlemen of a certain age mount a rebellion that is comic fodder for director Andy Bausch, foremost native chronicler of Luxembourg's humorous side through a career-long string of comedies. Nuckes, a seventy-something security guard at a retirement home, joins with Fons, a resident who rigs up clandestine TV porno channels for his friends, to bust out and restart life on their own terms. Soon it's a movement of feisty fed-up seniors ripe to explore a plan to buy a house and found their own co-op colony. Luxembourg's status as an international banking centre comes in for spoofing when the plan starts to run off the rails when the group goes looking for a loan” (Barbara Scharres, Siskel Film Center, Chicago). In Luxembourgish with English subtitles.