Bulgaria 2017. Dir: Ilian Djevelekov. 120 min. DCP

Bulgarian director Ilian Djevelekov’s debut feature and domestic hit, a drama about online dating, screened in 2013’s EUFF. Our perilous digital age offers more provocative subject matter in Djevelekov’s follow-up, Bulgaria’s official submission to next year’s Oscars. “Ad agency owner Emil rigs up a spy camera in his invalid dad's living room to catch a thief, presumed to be the caregiver, but the camera proves otherwise. The process is intoxicating, and soon Emil has planted cameras at work and throughout his home, reveling in catching co-workers and friends, his wife, his father-in-law, and more in plans and plots, secret liaisons, betrayals, and bad habits. It's the ultimate reality TV, until it all goes wrong ... Omnipresent is a hilarious cautionary tale” (Siskel Film Center, Chicago). In Bulgarian with English subtitles.