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Luxembourg/Belgium 2015. Dir: Jacques Molitor. 85 min. DCP

The odd and decidedly unhealthy relationship between an adult son and his smothering, widowed mother is explored in Luxembourgian director Jacques Molitor’s fiction-feature debut. After the suicide of his father, Flëpp, an emotionally-stunted twentysomething, becomes his mother’s sole companion — and near-substitute husband. When he meets a cute, fiery runaway who exploits the independence he’s denied, Flëpp starts to question his devotion to his overbearing, inappropriately-affectionate mother. The director’s previous film was the well-received 2012 documentary Sweetheart Come, a portrait of sexual diversity in Luxembourg. “Molitor has challenged himself to go even further in his portrayal of complex human interactions” (Cineuropa). In Luxembourgish with English subtitles.