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Life Beyond Me

(Une vie ailleurs)
France/Uruguay 2017. Dir: Olivier Peyon. 96 min.

French writer-director Olivier Peyon returns to the difficult subject of child abduction — also at the heart of his debut feature, Stolen Holidays — in this affecting, immersive transcontinental drama, a rare co-production between France and Uruguay. “Its story hinges on the abduction of a mother’s five-year-old son, Felipe, by his father, Pablo. Four years and a few hiccups by social services later, Felipe’s mother Sylvie (Isabelle Carré), tipped off by Pablo’s death and the work of a private detective, has finally picked up her son’s trace in the Uruguayan countryside — Pablo’s home country. Mehdi, a social worker who’s lost faith in his job, is moved by Sylvie’s struggle and abandons everything to help her. Together, they set out to Uruguay to kidnap Felipe and bring him back to France” (Cineuropa). In French and Spanish with English subtitles.