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Hungary 2017. Dir: Gábor Herendi. 121 min. Blu-ray Disc

Hungary’s highest price-tagged film — a cool $10 million — is also its highest-grossing homegrown hit in a decade! Based on the true story of the legendary thoroughbred Kincsem — to this day, the most decorated racehorse ever — Herendi’s lavish period piece, set in Budapest during the height of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, follows a penniless, orphaned playboy (Ervin Nagy) as he trains “untrainable” Kincsem into a record-breaking mare, and courts the high-society daughter of his father’s killer. In its decadent, 19th-century costume design and set décor, Herendi’s domestic blockbuster resembles the eye-candy opulence of Baz Luhrmann’s most operatic works. “Full of torrid passions, blazing saddles, and thundering hooves ... A lively gallop” (Stephen Dalton, Hollywood Reporter). In Hungarian with English subtitles.