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Eternal Summer

Sweden 2015. Dir: Andreas Öhman. 107 min. Blu-ray Disc

The fourth feature from Swedish phenom Andreas Öhman (Simple Simon, Bitch Hug) is an amour-intoxicated, lovers-on-the-lam tale in the tradition of epochal American classics Bonnie and Clyde and Badlands. Young and in love — a potent cocktail — new couple Em and Isak (Filip Berg, A Man Called Ove) embark on an impromptu summer road trip through scenic northern Sweden in Em’s father’s vintage Saab convertible. Rest stops, cigarettes, and night swims punctuate their carefree, passion-fueled adventure — that is, until the money runs out and the activities turn criminal. “Complemented by Niklas Johansson's striking cinematography, director Öhman carefully crafts a cutting, emotionally genuine lovers-on-the-run story” (Seattle I.F.F.). In Swedish with English subtitles.