18th Annual European Union Film Festival


EUROPE WITHOUT THE JETLAG! Welcome to The Cinematheque’s 18th European Union Film Festival! Our annual showcase of acclaimed new films from across greater Europe is proudly presented in partnership with the Vancouver consulates and Ottawa embassies of the member states of the European Union and the Delegation of the European Union to Canada. This year’s event is our largest yet, with entries from all 28 of the EU member states. Participating in the festival for the very first time is Malta, an EU member since 2004, but largely without an active domestic film industry. (Malta is represented by Simshar, a drama heralded as the country’s first bona-fide feature film.) Each EU country has carte blanche to choose the film that will represent them. Together, their selections make for a lively, provocative, stimulating, and entertaining state-of-the-Union celebration of the diversity, dynamism, and accomplishment of contemporary European filmmaking.

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Acknowledgements: For assistance in making this Vancouver presentation possible, The Cinematheque thanks Diodora Bucur, Press Officer, Delegation of the European Union to Canada (Ottawa); Tom McSorley, Executive Director, and Jerrett Zaroski, Programmer, Canadian Film Institute (Ottawa); and the Embassies and Consulates of all EU member states: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom. For its kind support in organizing this year’s festival celebration during the current Luxembourg presidency of the European Union, we are grateful to the Consulate of Luxembourg in Vancouver.

Opening Night sponsored by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.

Program subject to change.

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Recent Showings

LUXEMBOURG • Director Donato Rotunno’s second feature is an intense coming-of-age drama set in an affluent modern Europe.
DENMARK • This slick, suspenseful dose of Nordic Noir adapts a best-selling novel by Danish writer Jussi Adler-Olsen.
ITALY • Andrea Jublin's feature-length debut is a coming-of-age charmer about a young misfit with a fruit-shaped foot.
HUNGARY • A Budapest nurse worries that she might be a fox-fairy, a soul-sucking Japanese demon, in Károly Ujj Mészáros’s inventive fantasy.
NETHERLANDS • The second-most expensive Dutch film ever is a large-scale historical epic set in the mid-17th century.
GERMANY • Popular German writer-director-actor Til Schweiger’s crowd-pleasing family dramedy was a major box-office hit at home.
SLOVAKIA • A young boy enjoys the adventures of childhood while contending with the absurdities of adults in Juraj Nvota’s comedy-drama.
MALTA • Rebecca Cremona’s intense drama set against the illegal migrant crisis has been heralded as Malta’s first bona-fide feature.
PORTUGAL • Veteran director António-Pedro Vasconcelos’s serio-comic tale has been likened to a Portuguese Harold and Maude.
AUSTRIA • Fassbinder and Herzog actress Eva Mattes plays a photographer confronting her troubled past in Elfi Mikesch’s fever-dream drama.
ROMANIA • In this charming low-budget independent comedy, 14 couples enroll in a camp designed to mend broken relationships.
BULGARIA • A troubled man arrives in Sozopol with ten bottles of vodka in veteran Bulgarian director Kostadin Bonev’s thoughtful drama.
SPAIN • A star-studded Spanish cast headlines Marcelo Piñeyro’s family drama, the tale of a runaway boy seeking his biological father.
CROATIA • A theatre director struggles to turn deadbeats into actors in this Full Monty-style outing set in small-town Croatia.
FINLAND • A cantankerous elderly farmer wreaks havoc in the Helsinki household of his mild-mannered son in this satirical comedy.
SWEDEN • The latest jaw-dropping wonder from singular Swede Roy Andersson.
LATVIA • First-time director Normunds Pucis sets up the conflict between heroism and self-preservation in this black-and-white docudrama.
FRANCE • A well-known child-abduction case in France is the basis for director Cédric Kahn’s compelling drama.
BELGIUM • A 43-year-old amateur detective and a rebellious 16-year-old girl share an unexpected connection in Savina Dellicour’s debut feature.
CZECH REPUBLIC • This first feature by star-turned-director Jirí Mádl is seen entirely through the camera of its 11-year-old main character.
GREECE • Greek auteur Pantelis Voulgaris adapts wife Ioanna Karystiani’s best-selling novel in this epic romance/period drama.
SLOVENIA • The bold first feature of writer-director Sonja Prosenc is a slow-burning chamber piece told in three chapters.
IRELAND • A fearless Irishwoman accomplishes great things in director Stephen Bradley’s stirring, crowd-pleasing biopic.
UNITED KINGDOM • This good-natured, globe-trotting buddy movie/documentary sets out to discover who loves and loathes the Bard.
POLAND • Lukasz Palkowski's 1980s-set film about cardiology in Poland is a fast-paced, soapy pleasure.
LITHUANIA • Two yokels attempt to rob a wedding train in this adventure comedy and Lithuanian box-office hit.
ESTONIA • A finely-crafted, well-acted suspense drama set against the backdrop of Soviet-era fear and paranoia.
CYPRUS • This part-crowdfunded debut feature from Stelana Kliris is an unconventional and moving romantic comedy.