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Full Moon in Paris

(Les nuits de la pleine lune)
France 1984. Dir: Eric Rohmer. 103 min. DCP

NEW RESTORATION! | Rohmer invented his own pithy proverb — “He who has two women loses his soul; he who has two houses loses him mind” — for the superb fourth entry in his Comedies and Proverbs cycle, a wry, rather downbeat look at youth in (and out of) love set amid Paris’s chic, nocturnal social scene of the mid-1980s. In a scenario easily suited to a Moral Tale — save for the gender reversal — Full Moon centres on a young, restless art-school graduate (Pascale Ogier), who, feeling stifled by the suburbs and her doting, live-in boyfriend, decides to set up a posh pied-à-terre in downtown Paris where she can entertain her independence. Twenty-five-year-old Ogier, crowned Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival, is utterly captivating in the role, tragically her last (she died of a drug overdose shortly after the film’s release). “A small masterpiece ... Ranks with the very best of Rohmer” (Vincent Canby, New York Times).



"As elegant and incisive a comedy of manners as ever from Rohmer."

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"One of Rohmer's most robust achievements."

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