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4 Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle

(4 aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle)
France 1987. Dir: Eric Rohmer. 99 min. 35mm

35mm PRINT! A summery charmer, Rohmer’s underrated 4 Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle follows two young women — naïve country girl Reinette (Joëlle Miquel), worldly city slicker Mirabelle (Jessica Forde) — over the course of four Rohmerian adventures, three of them set in Paris and involving the moral and philosophical quandaries posed by modern urban life. As always in Rohmer’s cinema, wit, irony, intelligence, and the pleasures of conversation are paramount. The film was made quickly during a break in the production of The Green Ray, one of Rohmer’s masterworks; the two movies are also linked by their parallel references to evanescent atmospheric marvels: the “green ray” of sunset there, the “blue hour” of pre-dawn in the “Blue Hour” episode here. 4 Adventures is a loving, generous, low-key delight from a master of the modern comedy of manners, morals, and misunderstandings. “Delightful ... Which other filmmaker loves us, warts and all, so perceptively or so generously? Therein lies Rohmer’s abiding genius” (Geoff Andrew, Time Out).



"Shows the filmmaker at nearly peak form — sharply attentive to the sights and sounds of country and city alike and to the temperamental differences between his two heroines."

Chicago Reader | full review

"Stands as one of Rohmer’s most playful, if not hilarious features."

Senses of Cinema | full review