Italy 1977. Dir: Dario Argento. 98 min. DCP

“Long admired in cult circles, Suspiria stands as one of the most visually striking horror films ever made, and the high-water mark of a first-rate splatter stylist.”

4K RESTORATION! The stuff of nightmares is elevated to a high art in Dario Argento’s gorgeous and gory magnum opus, an immutable classic of Euro Horror that has spawned countless imitators and, coming in November, a much-buzzed-about remake by Luca Guadagnino (Call Me by Your Name). Like a Grimm Fairy Tale on acid, Suspiria sees doe-eyed American ballet student Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) enter a wiccan world of supernatural evil — and gloriously excessive neon — after arriving at a prestigious dance academy deep in the Black Forest of Germany. When a pair of classmates are gruesomely murdered by an unseen assailant, Suzy scrambles to uncover a sinister conspiracy before she, too, is sent six feet under in some unsavory way. Argento, conducting a veritable masterclass in over-the-top aestheticism, peppers the proceedings with eye-searing set pieces and surreal, viscera-churning terror. The iconic score by Italian prog-rock royalty Goblin is near-sacred among horror-soundtrack connoisseurs.

Please note: This is a 4K restoration of the uncut, uncensored version of the film. It was made from the original Italian 35mm camera negative, and features the original English 4.0 surround mix.


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Sonja Baksa will introduce the screening of Suspiria on Friday, October 26.

Sonja Baksa is a Vancouver-based film curator and Cinematheque theatre manager. She holds a Masters in Film, Exhibition, and Curation from the University of Edinburgh. Her thesis, which focused on witches in cinema, is currently being adapted into a forthcoming column for Sabat, a publication dedicated to witchcraft and feminism.



“A bravura display of technical skill ... With his sharp eye for the bizarre and for vulgar over-decoration, it’s always fascinating to watch; the thrills and spills are so classy and fast that the movie becomes in effect what horror movies seemed like when you were too young to get in to see them. Don’t think, just panic.”

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"From stormy start to fiery finish, it's a stylish, compelling, phantasmagoric movie."

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