Ute Aurand: Eye Movement Stillness

VANCOUVER PREMIERES! ► Ute Aurand’s diary films, film portraits, and travelogues belong to the lineage of Jonas Mekas, Marie Menken, and Margaret Tait. A key figure in Berlin’s film scene since the 1980s, Aurand records life’s small, ephemeral details on a handheld Bolex camera, later reworking them in a style that is at once energetic, rhythmic, playful, and — unusually for experimental cinema — tender. She has described her filming method as “a brief touch” — “like a swing, to go away and come back and go away and come back again.” Her films explore the lives of friends and strangers, the atmosphere of local and foreign places, and “the absolutely singular, exquisite textures of daily life around her” (Michael Sicinski, mubi.com).

A Walk/Im Park/Zuoz | Germany 2008. 4.5 min, 6 min, 7.5 min. 16mm. Silent.
Kopfüber im Geäst (Hanging Upside Down in the Branches) | Germany 2009. 15 min. 16mm. Silent.
To Be Here | Germany 2013. 36 min. 16mm. Sound.
Zu Hause (At Home) | Germany, 1998. 2.5 min. 16mm. Silent.

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Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Thirds will no longer screen. In its place, a collection of silent works by Aurand will accompany her latest film, To Be Here.