This month DIM Cinema arranges a series of studio visits, beginning with Jem Cohen’s short portrait of the sculptor Ann Truitt (1921-2004) and ending with the ceremonial liberation of Jay DeFeo’s painting The White Rose, weighing over 2,300 pounds, from her second-floor studio in San Francisco. In between, and in their respective studios, Sarah Pucill plays with the blinds, Bruce Nauman walks in an exaggerated manner, and Ken Jacobs goes psychological-psychedelic. The story of two artists and one studio is told in Babette Mangolte’s Edward Krasiński’s Studio. In the 1960s, Krasiński was invited by Henryk Stażewski to share space in Warsaw; after Stażewski’s death, Krasiński created an installation in situ as a shrine to his friend.

Ann Truitt, Working | Jem Cohen/USA 2009. 13 min.
Blind Light | Sarah Pucill/Great Britain 2007. 22 min.
A Loft | Ken Jacobs/USA 2010. Silent. 17 min.
Walking in an Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimeter of a Square | Bruce Nauman/USA 1968. Silent. 10 min.
Edward Krasiński’s Studio | Babette Mangolte/Poland-USA 2012. 30 min.
The White Rose | Bruce Conner/USA 1967. 7 min.

Banner image: Copyright of the artist, courtesy of Video Data Bank,, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Thumbnail image: Courtesy of Sarah Pucill and LUX, London