Damn Scary!


Few (if any) filmmakers can deep-dive the darkness like Mr. David Lynch. In an oeuvre with no shortage of blood-curdling moments (think Bob behind the bed in Twin Peaks; think the derelict behind the diner in Mulholland Drive), our money’s on Lost Highway, Lynch’s 1997 acid trip to Hell, as the director’s most all-out terrifying picture. This Halloween, break out the black nail polish and join The Cinematheque for a 35mm revival of that freak-out film, along with screenings of two seminal ‘60s art-house horrors that helped shape Lynch’s surreal and oh-so-scary cinema: Ingmar Bergman’s haunting Hour of the Wolf, and Herk Harvey’s B-movie creeper Carnival of Souls.

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Recent Showings

Cash bar, 90-minute DJ set by The Dark Eighties, and Lynch's Lost Highway. Torn fishnets, caked faces, and blackest black apparel encouraged!
35mm PRINT! This Möbius-strip of a horror flick is a fever-dream of Lynchian extremes: part Black Lodge horror, part neo-noir puzzle box.
NEW RESTORATION! Ingmar Bergman’s dark, disturbing horror film had a palpable influence on the celluloid nightmares of David Lynch.
A delectably creepy, B-horror masterwork that masks its near-nil budget with technical ingenuity and oodles of European-inspired ambiance.