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The Way We Are

天水圍的日與夜 (Tin shui wai dik yat yu ye)
Hong Kong 2008. Dir: Ann Hui. 90 min. HDCAM

The New Territories town of Tin Shui Wai witnessed several small tragedies in the mid-2000s, causing the Hong Kong media to dub it “the City of Sadness.” New Wave stalwart Ann Hui offers a gentle rebuke to that hysteria with this artful, slice-of-life drama about a widow (Paw Hee-Ching) and her teenage son (Leung Chun-lung) who live in a Tin Shui Wai housing estate. Quietly and subtly, their lives unfold. The Way We Are is an ode to the salt of the earth, and the simple poetry of everyday life. “Ann Hui depicts a warm world situated between Yasujiro Ozu and Ken Loach in a film that blends kitchen-sink drama with poetic minutiae” (Russell Edwards, Variety). Print: Mega-Vision Pictures Limited.


"Evokes the poignancy and humanity in Ozu's works without straining for his formalist aesthetics."

Hollywood Reporter | full review

"Ann Hui has created perhaps Hong Kong’s closest equivalent to Ozu: a film in which daily life, unemphatically presented, is sufficient to engage our sympathies."

David Bordwell | full review