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Echoes of the Rainbow

歲月神偷 (Sui yuet san tau)
Hong Kong 2010. Dir: Alex Law. 117 min. 35mm


6:30pm - Reception with refreshments
7:30pm - Echoes of the Rainbow | Introduced by Hong Kong filmmakers Alex Law and Mabel Cheung

35mm PRINT | Reinventing his own childhood experiences for the film, writer-director Alex Law’s affecting third feature — produced by his frequent collaborator, director Mabel Cheung — is a love letter to Hong Kong of the 1960s. “Big Ears,” the film’s eccentric, eight-year-old hero, runs around his neighbourhood with a goldfish bowl on his head for an astronaut’s helmet. He has a hard-working shoemaker for a father, an easy-going mother, and an athletic older brother he looks up to. With measured sentimentality, we see the close-knit family weather the storms of the rocky ’60s. Shot mainly on set — a nod to the Hong Kong studio pictures of the era it warmly recreates — Law’s deeply-personal film evokes a charmed nostalgia for a bygone innocence. Winner of the Crystal Bear for Best Film in the children and youth section at Berlin. Print: Mei Ah Entertainment Group Co., Ltd.

There will be a Q&A with Alex Law and Mabel Cheung following the screening on Saturday, June 3 - 6:30pm.