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餃子 (Jiao zi)
Hong Kong 2004. Dir: Fruit Chan. 87 min. 35mm

35mm PRINT | Prolific Hong Kong auteur Fruit Chan delivers a gourmet helping of horror with Dumplings, a feature-length expansion of his segment for the New Asian Horror omnibus Three… Extremes (2004). Sumptuously shot by Wong Kar-wai collaborator Christopher Doyle, this stomach-turning satire centres on a former abortion doctor (Bai Ling), newly arrived in Hong Kong from the Mainland, whose black-market dumplings offer eaters rejuvenating gifts. For an aging actress (Miriam Yeung), in fear of losing her skirt-chasing husband (Tony Leung Ka Fai), the curious contents of the dumplings are revolting… but not unpalatable. “A claustrophobic, queasy piece of work, relying less on supernatural horror, gross-out effects, or even narrative suspense, than on slowly curdling human relationships and heightened social realism” (Ben Walters, Time Out).