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Sonja and the Bull

(Sonja i bik)
Croatia 2012. Dir: Vlatka Vorkapić. 103 min. DCP

A young animal-rights activist in Zagreb and a rural community in Croatia’s Dalmatia region are at odds in writer-director Vlatka Vorkapić’s good-natured romantic comedy (her debut feature), a major box-office hit at home. After Sonja (Judita Franković, who also appears in Children of the Fall) raises a ruckus in the city about traditional bullfighting (which in Dalmatia pits bull against bull), angry villagers dispatch handsome salesman Ante (Goran Bogdan) to bring her back to their community and test her mettle. “This film gives a sensitive look at old-world tradition versus modern-day values, providing insights and approaches that should stimulate debate. Strong performances from both leads anchor the film, along with a solid turn from Garonja the bull. Funny, charming, undeniably beautiful, Sonja and The Bull is a highlight of Croatian filmmaking” (Astrid Bulmer, Raindance Film Festival).