USA/Great Britain 1978. Dir: Richard Donner. 151 min. Blu-ray Disc

ALL AGES WELCOME! ► “You'll believe a man can fly,” read the tagline. And boy, did we ever! Richard Donner's live-action take on the iconic DC Comics' superhero was a burst of sky-soaring, earth-spinning, blockbuster fun that proved that capes and cowls could make it on the big screen. Featuring an insta-classic score by John Williams, and a remarkable supporting cast including Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, and a fall-in-love-able Margot Kidder, Superman really belongs to Christopher Reeve. In the dual role of Kal-El/Clark Kent, he brings a wit, charm, and palpable sense of goodness to the character that deservedly ranks him as the only Man of Steel in many eyes. “A pure delight” (Roger Ebert).


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"A wonderful, chuckling, preposterously exciting fantasy."

Variety | full review

"Manages to capture the pure heart and spirit of this comic book Americana."

Empire | full review

"It's the simple, earth-bound quality of the film that makes this comic-book fantasy soar."

Washington Post | full review