The Peanut Butter Solution

Canada 1985. Director: Michael Rubbo. 94 min. 35mm

35mm PRINT | The hair-raising Canadian comedy that creeped out a generation, The Peanut Butter Solution enjoys almost legendary status among those who saw it growing up — largely owing to its wonderfully nutty story. Eleven-year-old Michael, on a dare, enters a burned-down mansion and sees something that literally scares the hair off his head. Bald, bewildered, and bummed out, he’s visited by a pair of ghosts who offer him a remedy — a magic formula made of peanut butter — and a warning: it musn't be overused. When Michael heedlessly mixes extra PB into the concoction, not only does his hair grow back as promised — it won’t stop! The second film in Rock Demers’s “Tales for All” series (after The Dog Who Stopped the War, screening in January) is the stuff of fond, weird memories for many Gen X-ers across Canada. Taking things familiar and safe — breakfast condiments, teachers, the very hair on our heads — it transforms them into elements ominous and unknown.


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