An Afternoon with Animator Marv Newland

Hosted by Michael van den Bos

In Person: Marv Newland!

Marv Newland, cult director of Bambi Meets Godzilla (1969), is a sui generis talent and one of Canada's most celebrated animators. A graduate of the Art Center College of Design in California — where, as a student, he made his iconic, 90-second midnight-movie masterpiece! — Newland has been an integral part of our country’s enviable animation scene since the founding of his acclaimed Vancouver-based studio International Rocketship Limited in 1975. A stable not only for Newland’s own outré, director-driven works — including Sing Beast Sing (1980) and Black Hula (1988), both preserved by the Academy Film Archive — but also for other West Coast animators’ pet-projects, the indie studio has created oddball, award-winning cartoons featured on MTV, MuchMusic, Nickelodeon, HBO, BBC, and festival screens around the world!

We’re honoured to have the great Marv Newland join us for an afternoon devoted to his work, featuring a selection of films hand-picked by the legendary animator.

Bambi Meets Godzilla | 1969. 1 min. DCP
Bill Miner Vignette | 1978. 1 min. 16mm
Sing Beast Sing | 1980. 9 min. DCP
Quick History (Dominion Building) | 198-. 1 min. 35mm
Anijam | 1984. 10 min. DCP
Hooray for Sandbox Land | 1985. 12 min. 35mm
Rocketship Nicks | Marv Newland et al./1987. 1 min. 35mm
Black Hula | 1988. 4 min. DCP
Beijing Flipbook | 2003. 2 min. DCP
Postalolio | 2008. 5 min. 35mm
Tête à Tête à Tête | 2005. 12 min. DCP 
CMYK | 2011. 7 min. DCP

Total running time: approx. 65 min.

Please note: some content may be unsuitable for younger viewers.