King Kong

USA 1933. Dirs: Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack. 104 min. Blu-ray Disc

ALL AGES WELCOME! ► Kong is coming this Halloween season! RKO’s utterly iconic 50-foot-ape-in-Manhattan classic has spawned sequels, remakes, imitations, and inspired-bys — none of which hold a torch to the rough-hewn original. Alberta-born "scream queen" Fay Wray plays the golden-haired object of Kong's infatuation, a New York vagrant cajoled aboard a ship bound for the mysterious Skull Island with the promise of top-billing in a new "exotic" picture. Soon she's dangling from the digits of the oversized primate in a perilous, prehistoric jungle — then atop the Empire State Building — with a foolhardy film director, love-struck first mate, and expendable everyone else in the mix. One of the AFI's top-ten fantasy films of all time, this pathos-imbued monster movie and feast of visual feats (thanks to effects pioneer Willis O'Brien's stop-motion magic) screens here in its definitive 2005 restoration.


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★★★★ "King Kong is more than a technical achievement. It is also a curiously touching fable in which the beast is seen, not as a monster of destruction, but as a creature that in its own way wants to do the right thing."

Roger Ebert | full review