Journey to the Center of the Earth

USA 1959. Dir: Henry Levin. 132 min. DCP

ALL AGES WELCOME! ► Adapted from the 19th-century page-turner by adventure author extraordinaire Jules Verne (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea), this wonderfully campy sci-fi staple is a what-if tale of CinemaScope proportions. James Mason plays Professor Lindenbrook, a Scottish geologist who discovers an ancient passage into the Earth via an extinct volcano in Iceland. Joined by a band of likeminded explorers (and, ahem, Gertrude the pet duck), they descend into a mysterious subterranean world where fungi grow tall, dinosaurs still exist, and a long-lost city awaits rediscovery. Big sets, clever effects, and a few iguanas in costume make this “one of the very best Hollywood adventure movies” (Geoff Andrew, Time Out).


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Want to know what it would really be like to travel to the centre of the Earth? Join the Pacific Museum of Earth after the screening for a tour below the Earth’s crust, where we’ll explore the guts of our dynamic planet. The Pacific Museum of Earth (PME) is located at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. For more info, visit

Cinema Sunday films will be introduced by Vancouver film history teacher, critic, and dashing man of adventure Michael van den Bos. In-theatre giveaways courtesy of Cinema Sunday community sponsors Videomatica Sales, Kidsbooks, and Golden Age Collectables.



"It's got everything, and it's status as one of the best of the adventure movies made in 50s Hollywood remains intact."

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"Still captivating."

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