20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

USA 1954. Dir: Richard Fleischer. 127 min. DCP

ALL AGES WELCOME! ► Disney nearly broke the bank in bringing Jules Verne’s endlessly imaginative underwater epic to the big screen — and it shows! From the exquisitely ornate steampunk aesthetic, to the legendarily life-size animatronic Giant Squid, this CinemaScoped adaptation looks every bit as expensive as it was. The story, now well-trodden, concerns a free-wheeling harpoonsman (Kirk Douglas) on the hunt for a much-gossiped-about sea monster attacking vessels in the Pacific Ocean. What he discovers, instead, is a band of misanthropic castaways led by Captain Nemo (James Mason), skipper of the retro-futuristic submarine Nautilus. A marvel of in-camera effects and genre smarts, it’s “as fabulous and fantastic as anything [Walt Disney] has ever done in cartoons” (Bosley Crowther, New York Times).


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Find out how humans have explored the depths of the oceans! After the movie, the Vancouver Maritime Museum will give a glimpse into the history of underwater diving and lead participants in an interactive nautical-themed activity. The Vancouver Maritime Museum is located in Vanier Park in Vancouver. For more info, visit www.vanmaritime.com.

Cinema Sunday films are introduced by Vancouver film history teacher, critic, and dashing man of adventure Michael van den Bos. In-theatre giveaways courtesy of Cinema Sunday community sponsors Videomatica Sales, Kidsbooks, and Golden Age Collectables.



"A very special kind of picture, combining photographic ingenuity, imaginative story telling and fiscal daring."

Variety | full review

"One of the great movie adventures."

Time Out | full review

"Grandly entertaining."

Chicago Reader | full review